Monday, August 15, 2011

We are regrouping!

Hello everyone.. We are regrouping our efforts, so to come back better than ever with the next Stellar Image of the Month/Year contest! Stay tuned to Rita Hermes facebook page for news about it, and everything else in the wedding publicist's world!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yes, it took me this long...

Yes, it took too long for me to make a statement. But I'm not gonna blog for the sake of blogging, unless I feel what I have to share is worth knowing! So with that said, I'd like to announce my first "business worth blogging"...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Texas weddings in the news..

Yee Haw, so lately it seems Texas is THE place to hold a wedding! First it was dreamy Blake Shelton getting married.

Then the news of this wedding by photojournalist Jennifer Lindberg featured on Style Me Pretty!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Jennifer Lindberg is at it again!

Not a big surprise to wake up to news of a wedding featured by none other than noted photojournalist Jennifer Lindberg. Jenn captures the style and feeling of this vintage vineyard affair held in Texas just beautifully!

See it all on!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Underwhelmed by the Royal Bride

My thoughts are this... as someone who as a little girl watched in awe as Princess Diana (as she will always be to me) wed Prince Charles in a gown fit for a queen, so ..stunning that it started a new trend of gowns.. to me, this meant I had high expectations of what Kate Middleton would choose for her wedding to the future King of England.

photo by Rex Creations

At first sight, my immediate reaction was obvious, inspiration behind her gown was that of Grace Kelly's fabulous wedding gown. But Kate's, (Duchess of Cambridge as she is now known) was a much more simple and understated version of it. The lace used was no where near the beauty of the one on Grace Kelly's gown. Kate's neck was bare? No cross, strand of pearls, nothing.. and it needed it, considering her earrings were tiny and her tiara was understated. Her veil was too short, it should have been the length of, or longer than her train. Her bouquet was forgettable as well. I love lily of the valley, but this looked like it was on the verge of wilting. It just wasn't a bouquet fit for a royal bride.

Getty Images

Nope, all in all I was... underwhelmed. William was a dashing prince, but she has a role now as a modern day future queen, and I really felt fashion wise, she didn't live up to it. An example, (in my opinion) of a modern day royal bride, who did a perfect job with her bridal style, is Sophie Rhys-Jones. She wed prince Edward (Charles brother) in 1999.

From BBC

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A feast for the eyes!

South Asian Bride magazine
features a vision in white, by the ever stylish
Shawna Yamamoto Event Design!

Thanks to Andrena Photo.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Yes it's been awhile, a LONG while. My slow season or off season, has turned out to be non stop action. Personal parties I threw for my parents 40th anniversary, and then my dad's 70th birthday, and my (30 something!) birthday!

From there I jumped into planning a photo shoot for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, and all I can say holy floral bouquets! I mean cutting edge, cream off the crop, even Grace texted me completely amazed that when she asked for "fashion-forward", that's exactly what my shoot delivered. You'll see it between the next 2 issues of Wedding Style. Shout out to M. Colon for shooting some great images that day.

I'm fast away at work now developing some ideas for break through, never been done ideas for photo shoots... Oh man, I cant wait to make this a reality because I know its going to start a trend, just like with the bridal shower!

Will be back to show off a taste of the party for my parents!