Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ohhh those little girls!

One of my favorite "graduates" as I like to call my previous clients, Joe Photo is the rock star of photographers. I love this image, Joe captures the split second of fuming emotion by this little girl.

I love the innocence of this shot. It shows a true photojournalistic master at work. It reminds me of flower girl images from my all time favorite wedding, Princess Diana to Prince Charles. Jennifer Lindberg's natural and care free style commanded my attention from the very first time I saw her work!

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.. I can't stop admiring this flower girl and her charming parasol by Nisie's Enchanted Florist. Photo by landmark name in Orange County, Barber Photography.

Capturing exuberance, especially when it comes to children, is a true talent. Jon Barber has a gift when it comes to shooting little ones!

This work of art by none other than LaCour Photography is stunning. I love art galleries, and this just looks like a piece you would see hanging in a gallery or a museum. But then again, everything LaCour shoots has that effect on you.

I shall return Friday with another fabulous post!

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