Friday, October 2, 2009


Once a month I will feature an inspiring image that deserves recognition. It can be something I stumble upon, or even an image that was emailed to me. However it finds it's way to me, if it evokes a special feeling, a sense of creativity... it will be deemed "Stellar Image the Month".

The very first STELLAR IMAGE, is by a photography enthusiast, not a studio or business. This beautiful image, taken by Sami R. Hermes, (no relation) is dark and offers no glimpse of the bride's face, but has a mysterious and romantic quality to it. I love the way the car headlights hit her dress, and the street lamp shine in the background, but doesn't take focus away from the bride.

Photo by: Sami R. Hermes

1 comment:

  1. Definitely a great picture, especially since the relatively empty background puts all the focus on the bride and the car. I wish I had that talent...