Saturday, October 23, 2010

The big "Stellar Image" news!!!

This is it, the big news! One of the 12 talented photographers who have won the title of "Stellar Image of the Month" are now eligible to win the title of "Stellar Image of the Year" !!!

The winner will be chosen next month, by some pretty fabulous people...

Judge: Celebrity photographer Mike Colon

Judge: Celebrity wedding expert/founder of The Bridal Bar, Harmony Walton

Judge: Celebrity photographer, Robert Evans

The lucky winning photographer who takes the title of "Stellar Image of the Year" will get a $250 gift card from Apple and the latest DVDs by Mike Colon and Robert Evans.. One fabulous prize for one fabulous photographer!

Questions about next years "Stellar Image of the Month/Year" for 2011? shoot me over at: with the subject: stellar image 2011

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