Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Thank you a million times over to the fabulous judges Harmony Walton, Mike Colon, and Robert Evans of this year's, "Stellar Image of the Year". As you can see, these judges took their job seriously. I mean they went on for hours!

and the winner is.... Samuel Lippke Studios in Long Beach, California!! This image was the one the judges kept coming back to, and couldn't get enough of.. Congratulations Samuel, winner of the title "Stellar Image of the Year" + a fabulous collection of DVD's by master shooters Mike Colon and Robert Evans + a $250 gift card from Apple!

Check out the comments by these celebrity experts on why they chose this image as The Stellar Image of the Year!

I like this image because it reminds me of when photographers used to shoot film. It speaks to the realness, and the moments of an actual wedding. I appreciate the photographers raw talent that captured something special on the fly, and didn't alter it too much in photoshop. It's real and timeless, not your typical "bride and groom crossing the street" either.... - Harmony Walton

I liked this image because it felt "real". I love the motion, and urban setting... and yet it looks like it could be anywhere, even a 3rd world country! I also liked the contrast of the bride's gown with the street.. - Mike Colon

I loved Samuel's image plain and simple because it is real. This image can stand the test of time. Beautiful use of motion blur to create a sense it could be anywhere in the world, and yet the couple looks flawless through it all.. - Robert Evans

- Stellar Image judging photos by Annette Biggers

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