Sunday, December 13, 2009

The culture of wedding magazines

I feel the need to address the topic of wedding magazines. The disappearance of 3 national wedding magazines (Elegant Bride, InStyle Weddings, Modern Bride) illustrates the effects of the declining economy on the publishing industry. As a result, the wave of online media has become attractive to the industry and to people in general as more cost efficient, accessible, user friendly, etc.. This development should not be interpreted, however, as the death of wedding magazines. Times are tough for sure but you will see the strong survive, and at some point there will be a new crop of publications, and some older ones will try to reinvent themselves.

Bridal magazines are part of our wedding culture. It is a past time for brides to collect magazines and big, glossy magazine sheets and run off to appointments to plan their weddings. This is something the computer just cant provide as well. It's part of the wedding planning experience, nicely illustrated in this photo from the movie Bride Wars. Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway armed with wedding magazines, off to meet their wedding planner!

From:; Bride Wars

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